equusDIGITAL Social Media Philosophy

Sing a song! Tell a story! Create a family! Associate your brand with things that are good and strong! Show that you are community minded! Don't send cat pictures!

About Social Media

Social media engagement is the art of being proactive, listening to, and engaging with your customer base, and anyone who mentions your brand or product.

NM Incite’s “State of Social Customer Service Report” claims that 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to others. That compares to just 19% of customers who do not receive a quick response. But how do you start being proactive on social media? According to social media pro Jay Baer, this involves problem resolution, turning customers into advocates and, perhaps most importantly, listening.

Behind the scenes ...

Social media monitoring is one of the biggest missed opportunities for businesses today. Also known as social listening, it involves monitoring what people are saying on social media about your business and the issues that affect it. equusDIGITAL will track brand mentions, competitors, key industry terms and relative keywords and help you to identify opportunities as they happen and reach out immediately. Proactive listening allows you to gain unique insight into your customers, competitors, and industry influencers. You’ll build a better relationship with your followers, get a leg up on your competition, and improve your ROI.

Well done attracting and engaging all your new followers and clients. Now, what about your existing ones? equusDIGITAL employ a range of strategies to thank your followers, appreciate your followers, and reach out to your followers.

At it’s most basic form, doing social media engagement the right way is a matter of effort. If you put in the time to reach out to people, start conversations, show your appreciation and ensure that no question goes unanswered, your clients and followers will take notice. equusDIGITAL makes social media engagement a focus of your social media strategy, and you’ll see how it can positively impact your business goals.